Birch Ply shelving unit

Constructed from 18mm birch faced ply, using a UJK pocket hole jig to join it. I'm very impressed with the pocket hole kit, very quick and produces very strong joints, providing everything is square and straight. The unit needed to be moved during construction and the joints remained solid, even allowing for some adjustment toward the end of the project, before concealing the screw holes using dowel. Im amazed at the quality of the cuts using an old evolution mitre saw, which has been used for cutting up scrap wood full of nails for the wood burner. moving the piece into place was tricky, but was made easier with a car jack, used to raise it above the skirting, allowing the legs to be attached. 

Assorted wood turning projects

Some successes, some failures. Thankfully there were no major injuries with the failures, the ply wood bowl with layers of acrylic could have been really nasty though. Was really gutted about the pencil one, as it would have looked so good, lesson learned, if I every try this again must use 2 part epoxy rather than PVA. 

Beech Platter

A Beech platter I made a few years ago as a wedding present. I finished it with a high build friction polish. I had a go at lasering a message on the base, which worked out well, I used an image from the wedding invite ! This whole thing would have been so much easier with a proper, modern expansion chuck, so as I've been doing since I started wood turning, I the whole thing with a glue chuck, then sanded the base before laser engraving the bottom. Laser cut the felt bit too.  

Oak Book Browser

I made this for Wonky Drawings Jr out of some reclaimed oak, from my wife's old HighSchool. With the new table saw I was able to cut accurate mitres, to which I added teak splines. The legs are joined using halving joints and are dowel jointed onto the angled shelf.

Oak TV Table

The table is designed for our new TV, and the self below to accommodate the HiFi, Sky box etc.

The legs are bridal jointed, which was a big hassle as the legs are tapered. the top rails had to be curved to match the profile of the table top. Very enjoyable project for me as this was the first piece of nice furniture I've made for myself, rather than helping a pupil make something for their   course work. 

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