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Mr Wonky Drawings is a 40 something recently self made redundant Woodwork teacher from Cardiff. He likes drawing (obviously) and woodwork (duh !) as well as comics, books, films, cooking... eating. 

He spent a large amount of his child hood drawing ( and rarely finishing) horrifically detailed imaged of goblins decapitating minotaurs ( or was that the other way round?) and other things decapitating other things, you get the idea ?, to the extent that his parents got a bit worried about him ( he was fine, don't worry) 

He went on to study illustration in the University of the University West of England and then onto an illustrious career in customer support ... which he loved ! He then studied for a PGCE and switched to High School teaching, mainly teaching wood work, tech drawing, graphic design, engineering and a bit of art. 

After 15 years of teaching, 12 of those in the same high School, Mr Wonky Drawings took the risky leap into voluntary redundancy in an effort to look after Wonky Drawings Jr, and work on this art stuff whilst the boy's in School. So, we'll see how that pans out ?

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